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Crochet for the Absolute Beginner continues to expand its popularity. It was first published in 2005 under the title of ‘The Beginner’s Guid to Crochet’. Year after year it was reprinted and became a best seller.

In 2014 Search Press decided the next re-print would have a ‘new look”, to celebrate its 10th birthday. “Crochet for the Absolute Beginner” was the result. Instead of the larger size (American quarto) it became an A5 hardback that was easy to slip into the bag with the crochet. More importantly it had a spiral spine allowing it to lie flat when in use. The abbreviation flap was another useful addition acting both as a book marker to the pattern being worked and showing the abbreviations.

Five years further on “Crochet for the Absolute Beginner” has become a bookazine. This is a lightweight perfect bound version of the hardback, making it even easier to carry and pop into a bag of crochet when travelling.

Pauline Turner

2021 Sees Crochet Globally Growing

Global Crochet


Here are just some of the reasons:

  1. 1. You see something for your efforts very quickly
  2. 2. Small items can be sold to raise funds for charities
  3. 3. Spare yarn can be made into blankets for animal rescue or homeless people
  4. 4. It is possible to work crochet wherever you are, even with the limits of lockdown
  5. 5. Repetitive ‘do-not-need-to-think’ crochet, counteracts stress
  6. 6. Creative colourful crochet lifts the spirits
  7. 7. Crochet is economical for it has the ability to use recycled materials.
  8. 8. The crochet hook is happy using thick and thin yarn whether smooth or textured
  9. 9. Oddments of thread, string, ribbons and anything else that can be found around the house can be utilised.
  10. 10. Crochet is wonderful for adding an embellishment to another medium
  11. 11. Garments and household items can be refreshed with the addition of crochet.

Many more can be added.

Crochet Design has the Know-How

We are pleased to be able to give professional answers to the enquiries we receive. Not all the patterns and instructions via social media are as helpful as they first seem. Crochet Design receives a lot of “Can you help?” emails. When the internet does not help you, contact us; Crochet Design. We cannot remember the last time we were unable to answer a crochet question.

I was delighted to receive this comment regarding the International Diploma in Crochet “Tunisian crochet has never looked so fabulous using this information. I'm so very pleased. Thank you again Pauline for opening this incredible world of crochet. The paths it takes one down folks wouldn't believe.”

You do not have to be enrolled in a distance learning course to get help. Soon we will be able to move from our homes again and then you can attend the workshops that Pauline Turner holds in Morecambe and elsewhere. We are happy to help during this lockdown period in any way we can.

Interact with Crochet Design through:

Crochet for Beginners

The bookazine cover

  • Pauline Turner’s publications
  • Email
  • When permitted - a Morecambe one-day workshop (which has a money-back guarantee that you learn what was requested and agreed upon when booking)
  • Via a short two or three-day course. These are held in various places.
  • The distance learning International Diploma in Crochet Course which takes you through every aspect of crochet and is ideal for those crochet workers who want to expand their knowledge of crochet or are searching for ways to give their crochet a professional finish.

“Thank you for a great weekend workshop. From teaching skills to colour, I learned a lot both on a personal level and have a few new ideas for my own teaching in school and with crochet. It was lovely to meet the others and see crochet from their perspective. The chats and the coffee together after we finished on Saturday all added to the weekend. Getting my Certificate for Part I was a special and proud moment for me too. Once again, thank you for the wonderful weekend of interaction and reflection”