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I cannot believe that last month we were concerned about the effect of Brexit. Now the concern is the coronavirus pandemic. However, I still maintain that the beauty of crochet is its ability to calm people as they work on a project, particularly one that has repetitive pattern. Then the rhythm of hook allows the crocheter to relax and enjoy being creative without having to tax the mind.

In addition during the ‘lockdown’ period, we have a chance to re-evaluate what is in our yarn stash, what our material/equipment collection comprises of, and what is sitting on the shelves (books, CDs, tapes we have kept prior to having access to readily available digital information and imaging). It is the perfect time to go down memory lane as we sort through those pockets of items we vaguely know are there but have not really had the time to return to them. Going through those things we have kept “just in case” we might need them, be ready to let them go by passing on those items that we will never use again. Ideally pass them on to someone who can use them, or when the lockdown is finished, give them to a charity so they can recoup money to spend for those in need. As a last resort, visit the re-cycling depot. What you are left with is a whole bundle of creative joy!

The new range of in-house books: ‘VINTAGE – Pauline Turner originals’ is a result of just this kind of revisiting little used sections either on a shelf or in a container. Each book has an insert explaining yarn equivalents and other notes where needed but in reality, the books already include an amazing amount of quality information. Finding the originals was a walk down memory lane being a precursor for the start of Crochet Design. The designs themselves are dateless. Price £6.50 each plus £1.00 for postage in the UK and standard postage for overseas. or all 4 for £25.00

Crochet Vintage Tops

2020 is confirming crochet is global

The corona virus may be global but the crochet hook got there first, and has many people becoming addicted. Out of all the restrictions that have had to be put in place (quite rightly too) I am delighted that the postal service is not on a total lockdown and items can be posted for assessment. Do check the size is acceptable as in some areas around the world the larger parcels are not being allowed. So far even small parcels are arriving safely and the post office is open for business albeit on reduced opening hours.

Last month I wrote that it was not surprising that the International Diploma in Crochet has students in many different countries, which can bring concern when we learn of a crisis in a country where one or more students reside. Even in Britain (the home of the Diploma), we have had students who have suffered from floods, and man-made tragedies. Abroad some students have had to move home due to boundaries between countries being moved. Now it is a global virus. Mostly however it is through Mother Nature’s way of clearing her debris that can alert us to potential tragedy which unfortunately can have a knock-on effect for animals and other living creatures.

Some crochet is quickly made and can be put to good use in quickly producing essential items for the homeless, raising money for animals and other living creatures.

Crochet Design Know-How

We are pleased to be able to give professional answers to the enquiries we receive. Not all the patterns and instructions via social media are as helpful as they first seem and Crochet Design receives a lot of “Can you help?” emails. If the internet does not help you then contact us; it is a long time since we have been unable to answer a crochet question.

I was delighted to receive this comment regarding the International Diploma in Crochet “Tunisian crochet has never looked so fabulous using this information. I'm so very pleased. Thank you again Pauline for opening this incredible world of crochet. The paths it takes one down folks wouldn't believe.”

You do not have to be enrolled in distance learning course to get help. Soon we will be able to move from our homes and then you can attend the workshops that Pauline Turner holds in Morecambe and elsewhere. We are happy to help during this lockdown period in any way we can.

Crochet Design has the answers through:

Crochet for Beginners
  • Pauline Turner’s publications
  • A Morecambe one-day workshop (which has a money-back guarantee that you learn what was requested and agreed upon when booking)
  • Via a short two or three-day course. These are held in various places.
  • The distance learning International Diploma in Crochet Course which takes you through every aspect of crochet and is ideal for those crochet workers who want to expand their knowledge of crochet or are searching for ways to give their crochet a professional finish.

“Thank you for a great weekend workshop. From teaching skills to colour, I learned a lot both on a personal level and have a few new ideas for my own teaching in school and with crochet. It was lovely to meet the others and see crochet from their perspective. The chats and the coffee together after we finished on Saturday all added to the weekend. Getting my Certificate for Part I was a special and proud moment for me too. Once again, thank you for the wonderful weekend of interaction and reflection”