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At halfway through Spring is a good time for Crochet Design to see how the changes occurring with the weather as well as those changes within the British economy now a decision has been made with Brexit, are having on crochet.

The beauty of crochet is its ability to calm people as they work on a project, particularly one that has repetitive pattern. Then the rhythm of hook allows the crocheter to relax and enjoy being creative without having to tax the mind. At the other end of the scale crochet designs can be extremely complex requiring mental application especially when marrying another craft with it. The joy of simple or complicated crochet as it grows into what is wanted, is so satisfying.

The one-day and weekend workshops are ideal for those needing a refresher course, or simply to get started. During one of these weekends at the end of last year, a small group of students began looking at books I had written over 30 years ago. This group requested I made the patterns available and so they are now responsible for a new range of in-house books: VINTAGE – Pauline Turner originals

I began with “Sleeveless Tops” containing 6 patterns. Reading through each pattern carefully I was surprised at the detailed information included along with many other crochet tips. Obviously, the way of writing is a little ‘old-fashioned’ and some of the yarns are no longer available, and therefore I produced additional notes for each pattern giving suggestions for yarns etc. The designs themselves are dateless. Price £6.50 plus £1.00 for postage in the UK and standard postage for overseas.

Crochet for Beginners Crochet for Beginners

Crochet for Beginners Crochet for Beginners

2020 is confirming crochet is global

It is not surprising that the International Diploma in Crochet has students in many different countries. Inevitably we are concerned if we learn of a crisis in a country where one or more students reside. Here in Britain, we have had students who have suffered from floods, and man-made tragedies. Abroad we have had students who have had to move home due to boundaries between countries being moved. Mostly it is through Mother Nature clearing away her debris that can alert us to potential tragedy. Unfortunately, as the debris gets cleared there is the knock-on effect of the animals and other living creatures.

Crochet has been put to good use in quickly producing essential items for the homeless, raising money for animals and other living creatures. It is impossible for me to list all the amazing number of items crocheters worldwide have wielded their hook for or to name the large number of causes involved. However with students close to the bush fires in Australia we were delighted to learn that all escaped from direct fire loss. Communities pulled together with groups obtaining community grants and yarn donation.

Crochet Design Know-How

We are pleased to be able to give professional answers to the enquiries we receive. Not all the patterns and instructions via social media are as helpful as they first seem and Crochet Design receives a lot of “Can you help?” emails. If the internet does not help you then contact us; it is a long time since we have been unable to answer a crochet question.

On 1st July 2019 I received this message. “I recently designed/crocheted my own cardigan and a Jacket which was the main reason I came to your diploma workshops - on top of this I found the crochet workshops therapeutic as crocheting is too, which helped with my stressful job at that time and helped my confidence grow. I have sewn a few items since being retired and about to see a tunic with a crochet yolk for me. I still teach work people. Your crochet diploma course and workshops had a lot of value for me as you can see. It was worth the money for personal gain. Plus I had a very thoughtful, funny and gifted tutor!

Crochet Design has the answers through:

Crochet for Beginners
  • Pauline Turner’s publications
  • A Morecambe one-day workshop (which has a money-back guarantee that you learn what was requested and agreed upon when booking)
  • Via a short two or three-day course. These are held in various places.
  • The distance learning International Diploma in Crochet Course which takes you through every aspect of crochet and is ideal for those crochet workers who want to expand their knowledge of crochet or are searching for ways to give their crochet a professional finish.