Welcome to Crochet Design

Crochet Design is the only known company whose founder gives a money back guarantee ensuring you learn the technique requested when you enrol for a one-day workshop.

Pauline Turner really appreciates the wide range of abilities those attending a workshop has, from beginners to Diploma graduates.There is also a chance to attend a weekend workshop in Morecambe or a residential longer stay at Higham Hall. Four days exploring ‘The Appeal of Crochet;” will be held in November 2019 and .May 2020. You may find her taking workshops elsewhere – check the Calendar of Events.

The Morecambe weekend workshops give you a chance to get on with a project and receive help if necessary plus learning new techniques. The next weekend workshop is 6th &7th April 2019 and will offer demonstrations on Tunisian crochet, Irish roses, 2-colour crochet and Aran-style crochet. Make a note in your diary of 7th & 8th September 2019, a crochet weekend covering pleats, darts and shaping; braids; toys and their features; plus hangings/collages/cushions.

2019 is confirming crochet is unique

Crochet is no longer the poor relation of needlecrafts. More people want to crochet, as we can see through Facebook and social media. Once you get ‘hooked’ you get a thirst for more knowledge. Long before social media existed, Pauline Turner knew it could be difficult for people to learn modern innovatory ways to crochet and began writing modern easy-to-follow instructions. Having books published prompted her to began a distance learning course the ‘Diploma in Crochet’ soon to become and International Diploma.

2018 saw Pauline receive two honours for her services to crochet. These happened in July when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame and received life membership to the Crochet Guild of America. These added to the two she already possessed - Honorary Licentiate of the City and Guilds and Life membership to the Knitting and Crochet Guild.

Crochet Design Know-How

We are pleased to be able to give professional answers to the enquiries we receive. Not all the patterns and instructions via social media are as helpful as they first seem and Crochet Design receives a lot of “Can you help?” emails. If the internet does not help contact us; it is a long time since we have been unable to answer ac crochet question.

In the Southern Hemisphere the nights are getting longer and crochet is the perfect answer for providing an extra ‘treat’ as a present. In the Northern Hemisphere crochet is ideal for the little cover-ups as the warmer weather descends on you.

Crochet Design has the answers through:

  • Pauline Turner’s publications
  • On our Crochet Design Facebook Page
  • At a Morecambe one-day workshop (which has a money=back guarantee you learn what you requested and was agreed when booking)
  • The distance learning International Diploma in Crochet Course (for the serious crochet worker who wants a professional look to their work)
  • Short two or three day courses held in various places.