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There is no time like the present – ENROL NOW!

We are pleased to welcome more people to the International Diploma in Crochet distance learning course. The comments accompanying the registration form say they have a need to understand crochet better and learn more about the subject. One other common statement is they need to raise their crochet to ahigher standard than the internet offers.

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Many more students are now teaching small groups, designing for magazines, selling their own designs in a ready-to-use form, and even become technical editors! Anyone who has achieved such success should be proud of their achievement.

Many teach small groups, design for magazines, sell their own designs in a ready-to-use form, become technical editors … and more! There are so many taking or have taken the International Diploma in Crochet who have much to be proud of.

Customer Testimonial

“Thank you for a great weekend workshop. From teaching skills to colour, I learned a lot both on a personal level and have a few new ideas for my own teaching in school and with crochet. It was lovely to meet the others and see crochet from their perspective. The chats and the coffee together after we finished on Saturday all added to the weekend. Getting my Certificate for Part I was a special and proud moment for me too. Once again, thank you for the wonderful weekend of interaction and reflection”

More About Our Diploma

It is wonderful to see the increased interest in crochet, however, many people are finding it difficult to get quality tuition in different parts of the world.

All crochet is hand-crafted with no machinery involved. A crochet worker’s pleasure and satisfaction is derived totally from their own levels of experience, talent, enthusiasm... and knowledge.

With many UK and overseas students, the International Diploma in Crochet has long been acknowledged as the ultimate achievement and a most highly sought after qualification in the field of crochet. The three part distance learning course is conceived for real people, living in the real world, living a real life. It was devised and is supervised by Pauline Turner, LCGI in such a way that even the invigilated examinations for Parts II & III can be taken wherever you reside. There is no need to travel but as Crochet Design is easy to reach being based in Lancashire, England, it can be fun to attend at sometime (finances and family/work permitting).

As an activity, crochet enjoys obvious advantages in that it combines with almost any other craft and the course components are so varied it appeals to those with both mathematical and artistic leanings. Note the next increase of fees for the International Diploma in Crochet will be on 1st January 2017.
( Click Here For Enrolment Form and Fees ) See below for what is included and what might be attained after studying and achieving a certificate in one of the 3 parts of the International Diploma in Crochet.

Course Breakdown

No crochet knowledge is required in order to enrol. This part includes:
Techniques for both traditional and modern crochet designs
Different types of crochet (broomstick, hairpin, Tunisian)
Reading patterns & solving minor problems
All aspects of crochet fabrics, using thread to chunky thickness of yarn as well as fashion, smooth or textured yarn, be it commercial or hand spun
Experimentation, observation and recording of results.
Taking this knowledge to a new level; those with the necessary skills will then be able (if qualified) to teach.
(*More information regarding Part I )

You need to be able to start with a good all-round knowledge of crochet. 
The focus in Part II is on being able to produce your own innovatory ideas without too much ‘trial and error’ – and to write patterns in UK terminology, American terminology and using schematics/signs/symbols.
Information and explanations are given in the use of textures, shapes, mixing yarns, combinations of stitches and colours within an article:
Writing commercial patterns in words and symbols
Advanced crochet techniques
Experimentation of ideas
Introduction to search/research
Popular, trendy up-to-the minute fashion designs for men, women, adults or children’s are covered, as well as accessories, and household items. This is updated in the bi-monthly newsletter
(*More information regarding Part lI )

You need to have a good knowledge of crochet and one other craft, and be prepared to expand your originality of ideas in all areas.
The Part III level is ‘amazing’ with the emphasis on experimentation, research and free but artistic design

Information and support is given in the fields of:
art-to-wear, haute couture etc
art forms (hangings, collages and sculptures)
mixing crochet with other crafts both soft (any other textile) and hard (ceramics, wood, metal etc.)

*Successful candidates receive a Certificate for this part; and (assuming they have successfully completed all three parts), they gain the coveted International Diploma in Crochet – listing the area of specialism undertaken
(*More information regarding Part III) View Diploma Fees